The Preciousness of Human Life

February 12, 2016 0 Comments

Pastor Seefried's Personal Note:
The picture in today's article is of our two youngest grandchildren, Atlas and Eden Deplato. The twins just celebrated their 1st Birthday! These babies were truly a gift, a miracle from God to our daughter Laura and husband Joe. They epitomize the preciousness of human life.

Radical Islamic Terrorists Have No Heart

Last week I talked about the rise of TERRORISM in the last days, and used the prophecy of II Tim. 3:3 to explain this horrible atrocity. I pointed out that the phrase "without natural affection" is a good description of the twisted souls of Islamic extremists--how they kill innocent people seemingly without any sense of guilt. To them, the lives of Jews and Christians is of no value. Their hatred motivates them to engage in the senseless destruction of precious human life.

Then My Wife Said . . .

Then my wife, Nancy, reminded me of something (she is good at that!). She said, "Isn't that (without natural affection) true of the abortion industry too?" And she was absolutely right. The atrocity we call abortion is also the senseless destruction of human life, seemingly without any sense of guilt. Allow me to cite two examples, straight from news reports, to prove the point.

Dr. Gosnell--Remember Him?

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortion provider, killed babies by cutting their spinal cords with scissors, if his abortions were failures and babies were born alive. In a famous court case, he was found guilty of first-degree murder on three separate counts. The court testimony (some by his own nurses) was absolutely repulsive to listen to. How in the world could any doctor be so calloused and cold?

Deborah Nucatola--Remember Her?

A Center for Medical Progress video shows Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, telling undercover activists that fetal tissue can be obtained for fees in the $30 to $100 range. This widely circulated video is proof that Planned Parenthood has a history of trying to "illegally sell baby parts". This revolting revelation has led many state legislatures to pass laws de-funding Planned Parenthood. The scary thing about that video is the casual, cavalier, nonchalant manner in which this woman discussed the sale of aborted baby organs.

Solomon Knew the Difference

King Solomon, in a famous Bible story found in I Kings 3:16-28, knew the difference between natural affection and the lack thereof. He knew that a mother's heart would prevent her from allowing anything to harm her precious baby. He utilized that instinctive wisdom to make one of the most brilliant decisions of his political career.

How Could Abortion Be Possible in a Civilized Society?

So we have to stop and ask, How could we come to the place in our culture where this kind of brutal attack upon innocent human lives is being tolerated? There are several answers. First, women are being lied to by abortion clinics, and told that what they are carrying is not human life, only a blob of cells. Only years later, when they are suffering from the guilt of their decision, do they realize the deception that was perpetrated on them. Second, until the recent improved technology of sonograms, women never got to see the tiny baby growing in their womb, so they didn't have to face reality. Third, the entire abortion industry exhibits blatant disregard for the preciousness of human life, as demonstrated in the above examples. And finally, it simply is one of the "Signs of the Times" we live in. An abortion doctor is truly without natural affection.

Forgiveness in Christ

I want to end this article on a positive note. For those women who have had an abortion and are suffering from a lifetime of regret and guilt, I want to stress there is FORGIVENESS OF SINS because of the shed blood of Christ. He loves you, He understands your poor choice, and He offers full forgiveness of all your past sins--none of which was any greater than another. Let His loving forgiveness set you free.

Richard Seefried
Harrisonburg, VA
Richard Seefried has a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry, and is licensed & certified by the NCCA as a clinical pastoral counselor.