The Abortion Debate Rages On

May 31, 2019 0 Comments

As I write this, our nation is fiercely debating the abortion issue. New York State recently passed the most liberal abortion law in our nation, and the Governor of Virginia has gone on record saying a woman has the right to terminate her baby's life even after it is born. This has prompted other states, such as Alabama and Georgia, to pass new pro-life legislation, often referred to as the "Heartbeat" laws, that is making liberals fear they will lose the next Supreme Court test of Roe vs. Wade.

As believers, we need to shore up our Biblical convictions in the area of the sanctity of human life in the womb. The passage I would like you to look at today is Deut. 30:19. It reads: “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore, choose life that both thou and thy seed may live!

A. In this tremendous text, God calls heaven and earth to record Israel’s choice. What will it be, life or death? Blessing or cursing? We too, like Moses, need to frame the issue in these terms: abortion is an issue of life and death. It is the death of the helpless unborn, who cannot defend their right to life for themselves.
B. It has often been said that the one who frames the question wins the debate. And this potent verse will help us, indeed, to frame the question—not in the world’s terms, but in God’s terms! We resent the way the pro-abortionists have labeled themselves “pro-choice”. It makes them sound as if they are the champions of freedom of choice, and we are not; as if they uphold the constitution and we do not. This is a twisted, distorted, misrepresentation of the truth of the matter, defying all real logic.
1. A “woman’s choice” based on some perceived (and vague) right to privacy does not measure up to the clearly stated right to life guaranteed by the Constitution. You cannot sacrifice the basic right of life for the unborn on the altar of some kind of alleged right to privacy, which is nothing more or less than convenient and clever manipulation of our laws. Roe vs. Wade is bad constitutional interpretation.
2. All recent medical science affirms the fact that the unborn in the womb is, according to any definition, human life. Technology is tracing the beginning of life farther and farther back toward the moment of conception. Furthermore, courts have consistently upheld personal injury awards to woman who have lost an unborn baby due to some violent act, on the basis that it is a “person”. How inconsistent it is to say that a baby is only a baby if it is destroyed against a woman’s will.
3. Civilized society should not accept any “choice” that means the death of an innocent human being. Abortion is murder, and murder is a crime, not a choice. Which brings me to the next point:

A. First, physical life is a gift from God. In Genesis 1:26 we read that God made man in the “image of God”. This is where we get the idea of the sanctity of human life. We are not evolutionary accidents. We are persons created in the image of God. Make no mistake about it: the abortion decision of 1973 was the result of decades of evolutionary teaching in our schools. Evolution devalues human life. Either man has intrinsic value or he is merely the survivor of a series of freak accidents and mutations. Darwin’s concepts of natural selection and “survival of the fittest” find their ultimate end in the atrocity that we call abortion.
B. Second, eternal (spiritual) life is a gift from God. See Romans 6:23, “the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”. Not surprisingly our world is filled with people who won’t accept God’s gift of eternal life; they can’t even acknowledge God’s gift of physical life!

A. Our nation cannot expect to have the blessing of God upon us so long as we continue down the path of abortion--the wholesale slaughter of the innocents.
B. Gal. 6:7 reminds us that “God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that shall he reap”
C. Jesus himself pronounced a harsh curse on anyone who would dare hurt (“offend”) a little child. In Matt. 18:6 Jesus said “whoso shall offend one of these little ones, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depths of the sea
I encourage all Christians to stand up and fight for the cause of the sanctity of human life, as this battle rages on. We are the only voice that can speak for the voice-less, the unborn.

Richard Seefried
Harrisonburg, VA
Richard Seefried has a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry, and is licensed & certified by the NCCA as a clinical pastoral counselor.