Take Care of God's Creation

January 06, 2017 0 Comments

If you have been reading the daily devotional book, "Strength For Today", then you know that today's Bible Study was from Genesis 1, where God instructed Adam to take care of, or exercise "dominion" over all the earth. The subject of this devotional message was Biblical Stewardship--which entails the wise management of God's resources.
I want to develop for you 4 reasons why I firmly believe in the biblical teaching of stewardship OVER the earth instead of the politically correct environmental philosophy of man-made destruction OF the earth. There is a big difference in these two world views.

First, our RESPONSIBILITY is to God the Creator, not to blindly follow the popular philosophy of our times.

The command to have dominion over the earth, and "subdue" it came from God. It is true that we are to take care of this planet, but we do that to please God, the One who created it all. The motive of secular environmentalists today is not to obey God, but to adopt a humanist "man-centered" viewpoint. Whatever we do should be the glory of God, not the achievement of some evolutionary, secular-humanist manifesto.

Second, all the RESOURCES in the earth were put there by God to be used by man, not declared "off-limits".

Oil, coal, and natural gas are gifts from God, placed inside the earth for a purpose. While we must be careful how we harvest those resources, it is important to use these energy sources, not ignore them. It is all part of what God meant when He said to Adam: "have dominion over the earth, and subdue it". The animosity of the environmental extremists against the coal and oil industries ("fossil fuels") is evident. Essentially this is a slap in the face of God who gave us such gifts for our benefit and use.

Third, Environmentalism should not be a RELIGION, in and of itself. We are to worship the Creator, not the creation!

Paul warned of this evolutionary "religion" in Romans 1:25, where he said: "who (unsaved man) changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature (or creation) more than the Creator". That verse is probably the best summary and description of modern-day, radical left-wing environmental thinking ever made. If you embark on a study of all the polytheistic religions throughout history, you will see how man has made the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the fertile ground into "gods" to be worshipped. This was never God's intention or His will. "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me". I believe God made trees so that man might cut them down for lumber, not "hug them".

Fourth, the Bible teaches the RUIN of the earth will come as a judgment of God for man's sin. Nothing man does will destroy this earth--God will destroy it!

The contrast between the "apocalyptic" views of the global environmental movement and Biblical Christianity could not be more pronounced. We are told to believe that man is destroying the planet, causing global warming, changing weather patterns, and harming the ozone layer. Even if this were true (and everyone knows this is "hyped up" alarmism), the fact remains that the Bible teaches the destruction of the earth as a direct result of God's judgment, not man's doing. Read II Peter 3. As Christians, we know that this fact in no way absolves us of our responsibility to be good caretakers of God's creation, and we should be the best stewards of this earth as possible.
I hope these four insights will help you think through the difference between Biblical Stewardship of the earth, and the current environmental "religion" of the secular humanists.

Richard Seefried
Harrisonburg, VA
Richard Seefried has a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry, and is licensed & certified by the NCCA as a clinical pastoral counselor.