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They are watching you. The government knows right where you are; they know more about your movements, spending habits, and political leanings than your relatives do. Today I want to talk about the REAL possibility of a world wide computer-controlled GPS "tracking system" that I believe will be instituted during the Tribulation Period by the Anti-Christ. But first, let's review what we have covered so far.


I am in the midst of presenting a list of 10 reasons Why I Believe We Are Living In The Last Days. This comes from a series of sermons I preached at First Baptist Church of Marilla a few years ago on the topic of Bible Prophecy. To date, I have covered 3 of these reasons:
1. The Regathering of Israel. Necessary for the Armageddon showdown.
2. The Rise in Apostasy. Necessary for the ecumenical, one-world church.
3. The Rapid increase in Technology. Necessary for the "mark" of the beast.
Now today I want to deal with #4: The REAL possibility of computer control of the earth's population

Relevance of the Ancient Prophecies

The study of prophecy intrigues everybody--you can even engage non-Christians in such a discussion! Everybody has their views of doomsday apocalyptic events. And so the predictions made 2000 years ago, and recorded in God's Word, are more relevant now than ever before. Truly these are exciting days to be alive, because we can compare what we see on the front page of the newspaper to the ancient prophecies of Holy Scripture. There are a number of heretofore "mysterious" statements in the Bible that now make so much sense to us! Certain prophecies literally jump right off the pages of the Bible and scream, See, I told you so!

Return to last week's study for a moment

Last week I explained Daniel 12:4 which says "men shall run to and fro, and knowledge will increase". I believe this is a prophecy of both high speed transportation and high speed technology, namely the internet age. In the information age, you can find out just about anything you want to about somebody else. Just "google" their name and presto, you have tracked them down. So let's take this thought one step further. How close are we to the actual monitoring of the movements of the world's population? Apparently, not too far.

Rationale for imbedded "chips"

It will start out as an innocent, and quite positive program. No more missing abducted children. No more dead beat fathers who refuse to pay child support. No more man hunts for criminals who are fugitives. No more fleeing the country in order to avoid back taxes. There are a lot of good reasons to place an imbedded GPS chip under the skin on the back of people's hands. At first, it will solve a lot of problems. But then, when the Anti-Christ takes over and sets up his one-world government, things will "go south" quick.

Realization of the "Mark of the Beast"

According to Revelation chapter 13, someday there will be a forced identification system, called 666, instituted on a global scale. This "tracking system" will serve three purposes, according to Bible prophecy:
1. First, it will inform the Anti-Christ as to who refuses to cooperate, and Tribulation Christians will be martyred for their faith and their non-conformity. See Rev.20:4.
2. Second, it will give this world dictator absolute control over the world's economy, because "no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark of the beast" (Rev. 13:17). The Anti-Christ will demand that everyone on earth get this "mark" for economic survival reasons (perhaps following the collapse of the world economy?).
3. Third, it will give so much power to him that he will demand worship from all. So it's more than mere permission to buy groceries. It's forced worship and allegiance to the false Christ. If you think radical Islam is bad (the way they compel you to "convert" or be killed), wait until the Anti-Christ takes over. (Actually DON'T WAIT, because if you do, it will be too late!).

Recap of today's Bible study

Can anyone argue the fact that we are getting closer to the fulfillment of the "mark", or GPS identification system, prophesied in the book of Revelation? Years ago, when I preached on Rev. 13, I used to wonder: How could one man control the whole world? Now I believe I know. And here is the scariest part of all: those who do not accept the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, as their personal Savior in this age of grace are destined to become followers of the false Messiah, the Anti-Christ, during the great Tribulation. And that is a sad and terribly horrible reality. Trust in Jesus now. You don't want to experience the alternative.

Richard Seefried
Harrisonburg, VA
Richard Seefried has a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry, and is licensed & certified by the NCCA as a clinical pastoral counselor.